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       A caring heart can make all the difference!


It's heartwarming to hear about the positive impact that caring hearts can have on people's lives. Through partnering with Rising Up, we can make a real difference for those who are in need of help getting back on their feet. The shelter provides a safe and dignified environment for people who may have nowhere else to turn, and it's wonderful to see so many individuals finding comfort and support there. Thank you to everyone who is working hard to make a positive impact on our community!




Three heartwarming stories about individuals who were homeless and lost but found the help they needed. One man named Jason, who became disabled after suffering a stroke and had to leave his home due to conflict with his father, was uncertain about what to do next. Thanks to the aid of Rising Up's advocates, he was able to apply for disability and receive the support he needed. Unfortunately, he also had to say goodbye to his beloved pet companion, Dori, of 15 years, but the center was able to help with the arrangements and make a difficult time a little easier.


Another person named Shelly, who was lost and homeless, found a safe haven at the center in January. Unsure if her relationship would work out, she settled in to find a job and mental health support in our community. She was able to secure a part-time job and work for the center part-time before eventually landing a full-time position. Since then, she has reconciled with her spouse and moved on. It's inspiring to see how the center can make such a positive impact on people's lives.


Vic, a baby boomer and a member of our community, worked hard for most of his life and suffered many injuries along the way. Unfortunately, his back, knee and hip pain became so severe that he was unable to work with others, and he eventually found himself homeless and in need of medical attention. Thankfully, Vic was able to stay with us at the warming center for over two months, and we were able to help him with doctor's appointments and guide him through the process of finding housing; it wasn't easy, but with a little encouragement, Vic was able to find an apartment and has now been housed for six months. We're proud of him for his perseverance and resilience, and we wish him all the best in his new home. 

Caring is about taking action to help others. It involves showing concern and providing support; how can you help? If you're interested in learning more about Rising Up's programs, services or would like to get involved, please stop in or call 970-370-8880.

You can make a difference by sponsoring a cot for this season.

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