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Empowering Through Literacy

The ETL program is aimed at assisting individuals to receive their GED by helping them study and prepare for the high school equivalency exam. Assistance and teaching are also available for English-language learners to help them with reading and writing, workforce skills, and becoming a U.S. citizen. Assistance is offered in Spanish when needed.


The ETL program offers free instruction for English Language proficiency and high school equivalency credentials. 

An experienced English Language teacher offers instruction for adult English language learners to improve English comprehension and job outcomes.  Instruction is provided on a one-on-one basis for 1 ½ hours, 2 times per week. 

Tutoring and instruction for the High School Equivalency program prepares adult students to pass the high school equivalency exam. The instructor works with the student one-on-one, 1 ½ hours, 2 times per week for one year to complete the necessary curriculum to pass the 4 required exams.


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