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MISSION Our mission is to create innovative lasting solutions to fight homelessness, hunger and poverty in Morgan County. Rising Up is developing temporary and permanent solutions and programs that will help individuals and families rise up from homelessness and poverty and keep hunger at bay.

You can change a life!


SAFE, WARM and DIGNIFIED! Thanks to you, Rising Up can continue to offer warm, safe shelter during the coldest part of the year. The 2021 – 2022 season saw 55 individuals enter the shelter staying over 768 nights. The Warming Center offers safety and security for people who find themselves in a situation they are unable to navigate alone. It is a place where they can rest, find nourishment and caring support from Rising Up’s staff and volunteers. Not all stories are successes, but small victories create a ripple effect of positive change that impacts our whole community. Our staff, volunteers and Board of Directors is committed to the mission and ask for your continued support to ease the burden so many are facing. 





Jacob is in his mid-30’s and came to the Warming Center after leaving his mother’s home. He was providing caregiving and support to her due to her age. Issues with other family members became untenable and he decided to move out. Without a lot of skills other than caregiving he had to take an entry level position at a shipping company. At the end of the warming season, he was working full time and was able to acquire an apartment for the first time on his own. He often stops by the Day Center to check in and let us know he is doing well. He has remained housed and employed since leaving the shelter.


Kenny and Melissa stopped in a few weeks ago to let us know they are doing great. Kenny and Melissa had stayed in the shelter a couple years ago, but only stayed a few weeks because they were heavily addicted to methamphetamine. Because of their use, they were not allowed in the shelter when they tested positive. However, when they did stay, they talked about their ideas for the future. They were listened to and given compassion and advice on how to better their situation. After they left, we unfortunately lost contact with them. To our surprise, when they stopped in, they informed us they are off the streets, clean, have housing in a mountain town and good-paying jobs!



Sucess in his own way…. 

James, an army veteran, came to us in last December needing for shelter. Although a very outgoing gentleman, he suffers from PTSD and alcoholism. He realized he needed help. James sat at our meal table for several months, sober, but plagued by symptoms of PTSD. He struggled to understand what was next for him, even though he was offered a myriad of resources and support. He held several jobs during the warming season and moved out at the end of the season. He continues to struggle with homelessness but checks in occasionally to let us know he is doing ok. 


If you have questions about Rising Up’s programs and services or would like to get involved, please call or view our website at Your support WILL make a difference.


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